About Me

My name is Ben Cremin and I am a Wiltshire photographer. I specialise in natural and urban landscape photography.

I first picked up a DSLR camera in 2013 with the aim of involving myself in the hobby of photography, learn new skills, meet new people and improve.

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Marlborough in the evening, a view from St. Peters Church - by Ben Cremin

Marlborough in the evening, a view from St. Peters Church – by Ben Cremin

Vale of Pewsey Landscape Photography

Living in the Vale of Pewsey, my first passion is shooting the local landscape and area. This part of Wiltshire is blessed rolling hills, gorgeous misty sunrises and savannah style sunrises you would expect in Africa. My Vale of Pewsey gallery showcases my favourite images from the local area.

Pewsey Sunset - by Ben Cremin

Pewsey Sunset – by Ben Cremin

Landscape Photography in Wiltshire and the rest of the UK

The wider Wiltshire area and surrounding areas are full of photographic opportunities, such as Avebury and Stonehenge especially during the festivals, Salisbury, Devizes, Swindon and the areas in between. My landscape gallery contains my favourite landscapes images from the rest of Wiltshire and the UK.

Man of War Bay - Dorset, UK by Ben Cremin - Wiltshire based natural and urban landscape photographer

Man of War Bay – Dorset, UK by Ben Cremin

What I love about landscape photography

I enjoy the challenges of long exposure photography, I find it pushes it my technical and compositional skills. As due to the nature of long exposure photography you need to use a tripod and this slows down the process and allows you to think about the shot. A gallery of my favourite long exposure work can be found here: Long Exposure Gallery.

As part of this amazing hobby, it’s important to get involved with the local community of photographers. This helps increase motivation and skill. There are numerous fantastic photography groups on Facebook and I help manage one of them. We run weekly competitions and occasionally meet up for a chat and a shoot. We are a friendly bunch, so why not search for Wiltshire Photography Group to join us.

Boscombe Beach Pier by Ben Cremin

Boscombe Beach Pier by Ben Cremin

Wiltshire Wedding and Portrait Photographer

My other website is used to promote my Wiltshire wedding and portrait photography business. Feel free to follow the link for a look: Wiltshire wedding and portrait photographer